All over Print Cat Womens Casual Socks gift christmas birthday anniver – 2018_AT_142_30_(Animetee.com_SBRA)
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All over Print Cat Womens Casual Socks gift christmas birthday anniversary clueless cat look

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Abyssinian American Curl Shorthair Balinese Brazilian British Birman Bombay Burmese California Spangled Chartreux Chinese Li Hua Colorpoint Cornish Rex Cymric Devon Donskoy Egyptian Mau European Exotic German Himalayan Japanese Bobtail Javanese Khao Manee Korat Kurilian Maine Coon Manx Munchkin Norwegian Forest Ocicat Oriental Persian Peterbald Pixie-bob Raas Ragdoll Ragamuffin Russian Blue Scottish Fold Selkirk Siamese Siberian Singapura Snowshoe Somali Sphynx Thai Traditional Tonkinese Toyger Turkish Angora Van

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This item will take approximately 1-4 Weeks via epacket shipping with insurance and can be combined with other orders but will ship out separately. So please be aware of this before purchasing this item.  (Includes insurance so you are in good hands)

Item Type: Sock
Gender: Women
Sock Type: Casual
Pattern Type: Geometric
Brand Name: Socks
Material: Polyester
Thickness: Standard
Item Length: 19cm-21cm
Model Number: 00-01
Color Style: Natural Color