Light Blue Trendy Pop Culture No Photos Please Photograph Photoshop Ca – 2018_AT_142_30_(Animetee.com_SBRA)
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Light Blue Trendy Pop Culture No Photos Please Photograph Photoshop Camera Nikon Canon Tee t-shirt tshirt Unisex Youth Ladies All Sizes

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Welcome! Here you will find the latest Trendy pop culture themed items. Be the only one on your block to wear these goods! Great icebreaker in meeting new people and finding like minded people to start friendship! Just be sure to tell them where you got it, wink wink!



Please see the sizing chart on the image section.

My custom items are all either screen printed, DTG, sublimated or Vinyl pressed (all yielding industry leading ways) and made to order. They are all produced from a small studio near Seattle. 

Keypoints when ordering from me.
• Please make sure your size and color is all correct
• Please make sure your address is correct as I only ship to the address
• Make sure you know these are custom made so it takes 1-2 weeks for finishing the item (may be sooner or later depending on current workorder).  
• Before leaving a bad remark (less then 5) Please let me know and i will usually compensate for any mistakes that may occur to earn the stars.


Shipping will be approximately 1-2 weeks as these are custom made. Returns can be made but will be the following options.
1. If I did the following: wrong size or color, defect in item, or sent wrong item. I will reimburse shipping to send back to me and I will reship the new item.

2. If buyer wants new size, color or item but got the correct item, buyer will pay shipping both ways.