Lion Pig Elephant Rabbit zoo animal variety tee t-shirt boys girls chi – 2018_AT_142_30_(Animetee.com_SBRA)
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Lion Pig Elephant Rabbit zoo animal variety tee t-shirt boys girls child childrens clothing

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Koala Red kangaroo Yellow-footed rock wallaby Dama Parma CARNIVORES African wild dog wolf Mexican Coyote Swift fox Sun bear Black North American river otter Black-footed ferret Ringtail Jaguar lion Sumatran tiger Bengal (white) Indochinese Cheetah Cougar Bobcat (Lynx) Ocelot Coati Meerkat PRIMATES Lowland gorilla Chimpanzee II III Bonobo White-cheeked gibbon Orangutan Mandrill baboon Spider monkey Colobus UNGULATES Asian elephant rhinoceros White Nubian ibex Pronghorn Anoa gazelle Gerenuk Dik-Dik Whitetail deer Muntjac Tufted Giraffe Bongo antelope Lesser kudu Longhorn cattle bison Warthog River hippopotamus Zebra SMALL MAMMALS Prairie Fruit bat Long-nosed porcupine Nine banded armadillo Birds: {short description of image} BIRDS OF PREY Harris Hawk Crowned Eagle Northern Harrier Bateleur eagle Bald Harpy Japanese mountain hawk Redtailed Aplomado falcon Burrowing Owl Barn Great Horned Spectacled PARROTS AND TOUCANS Hyacinth Macaw Scarlet macaw Military Toco toucan Keel-billed WADING WATER Bufflehead (Diving Duck) Smew (White Merganser) Silver Bahama pintail Flightless Steamer Duck Laughing Gull Brown Pelican Black-necked swan Swan 

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Department Name: Children
Item Type: Tops
Tops Type: Tees
Clothing Length: Regular
Pattern Type: Character
Gender: Boys
Style: Fashion
Brand Name: DMDM PIG
Material: Cotton
Fit: Fits smaller than usual. Please check this store's sizing info
Collar: O-Neck
Sleeve Length: Short
Model Number: 2t,3t,4t,6t,8t

size Chest Width(cm) Body Length(cm) Sleeve Length(cm) Height Range(cm)
3T 56-56 39-39 11-12 90
4T 60-60 42-42 12-13 100
5T 64-64 45-45 13-14 110
6T 68-78 48-48 14-15 120
7T 72-72 51-51 15-16 130