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Officially Licensed Xmen Cyclops Cosplay Costume T-Shirt - Animetee

Officially Licensed Xmen Cyclops Cosplay Costume T-Shirt

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Cyclops is the reluctant leader of the X-Men, and with his concussive blast-shooting mutant power, Cyclops is one of the most recognizable heroes in all of Marvel Comics. Now, you can dress just like your favorite X-Men character with this Cyclops costume shirt. Everyone that sees you in this costume shirt will think that you have been trained in the Danger Room. While this shirt may not give you telepathic resistance, it will let everyone know that you are a fan of Cyclops. When you're seen in this costume shirt, your love life might become as active as Scott Summers'. Visor not included.

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You don't have to attend the Xavier Institute to show your support of the X-Men, all you need is this shirt, which shows the logo for the mutant superheroes. Since 1963, X-Men have been thrilling audiences in comic books, cartoons and movies with characters that include Wolverine, Cyclops, Nightcrawler, and Colossus. For any fan of X-Men, this logo shirt is a must have. licxmen

Mighty Fine: 100% preshrunk cotton / Unisex

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